"Award our participants for consistently
improving in athletics, education and
SPORTSKIDETS is a program
that encourages youth to participate in
skill development activities we call “
Kidets Youth Center
Media and Arts project implements innovative programs in focused
neighbourhoods that encourage youth to advance in education.
Are programs are designed to be fun and informative.
How do we do that?
By using Cool media after school programs that give young people a
chance make art, video entertainment for their peers.  In so doing, they
learn along the way, picking up better decision making skills, improve
in reading, writing and comprehension.
Merit badges are used to further reinforce the success of the
program to the students.
The badges are a visual representation of skills they have
Kidets is building new programs and improving in our
process, with a goal to have our programs used at multiple
high-schools in this country.
Simply put when a
Mission is conducted
and completed by a
member a merit badge
is awarded as a visual
representation of their
achievement. Hence,
as more achievements
are obtained they
graduate to other award
levels, uniforms and