SportsKidets is currently
looking for former athletes
that will like to be an
instructor in our programs.
We are looking for
individuals that played:
track and field
Please email to
Objective of Instruction
Our objective is to encourage youth to
put in the time and effort to learn new
things. This level is to inspire youth to
advance in education knowledge.
We have noticed from our years of
experience in the recreation industry in
Canada, that traditional sports programs
use sport in a competitive environment
and stresses that "being an elite player
should be
everyone's goal". 
SportsKidets does
not believe that
should be the
reason for youth to
get involved in
recreation. We
focus on giving
youth the chance
to compete, but
to try something
new.  We
them to see if
there are any
other opportunities in that
sport and fitness industry that can be a
future interest to them.
We are not focused on the elite player - we give
attention to those youth that will love to manage
a team, be a trainer, coach, referee, advertise,
do statistic analysis or build a team website. We
know that not all youth are competitive and
some might have physical limitations that
prevent them from playing, but if they love
sport, they can still participate in our programs.
Some sports programs have lofty prices that
sometimes exclude the less fortunate from
participating. Our programs are designed to run
with very little overhead. The community is our
playground.  We use existing parks and green
spaces to encourage sports, fitness and
Most importantly, SPORTsKIDETS is used to
build the sports and fitness industry in its
supporting community. Our goal is not to
monopolize the sports youth market, but to
encourage development of manufacturing,
communications, technology and health in a
geographic area, by getting youth to participate
in the sports and fitness industry in their
community; and who knows they might find
something that can be a future carrier.